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Sacraments: Baptism

When an adult is baptised they make a clear decision to turn from the ways of the world or from following another faith or philosophy to turn towards Christ and the ways of his Church.  They themselves reject Satan and Sin and profess faith in God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and who works in the Church today and promises forgiveness of sin and everlasting life.

Clearly a child is not able to make that sort of decision, it is the decision of a believing parent or parents who desire to help their son or daughter to grow up to know God and love God as they do. Thus they profess that they reject sin and believe in God and promise to bring up their child in the ways of faith.

Baptism is the first part of a process by which we become full members of the Church.  Baptism is sealed by the Holy Spirit in Confirmation and we complete our initiation by coming to Communion. Though in this part of the world children normally celebrate First Communion before Confirmation, it is still their communion when they are Confirmed which completes their initiation into the Church.

Preparation for Infant Baptism

St Paul's Parish runs a Baptism preparation programme for parents, followed by the Baptism service.  The programme helps the parents to better understand the value of Baptism for their children. The Baptism service, as a community celebration, is a sign that the sacrament is an initiation into the life of the church.


The Baptism preparation programme takes place during the months of January, March, May, July, September and November. The sessions take place at 2.00 pm in the Parish Room and last about an hour.
Baptisms take place during an afternoon Parish Baptism Service on set dates or within a Sunday Mass (by prior arrangement).

Baptism outside of the Mass
Attend both preparation sessions.
Your child will be welcomed at the Mass you usually attend, on a Sunday after the  first preparation session and before the baptism takes place.
At the second session we will decide on readings and music for the baptism service.
The baptism takes place usually at 12.00 noon on the set date although the time may be varied.  Other children may be baptised at this service.
Baptism within the Mass
Attend both preparation sessions.
Your child will be welcomed at the same Mass in which he/she is to be baptised.


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