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Sacraments: First Communion

Communion increases our love for God and strengthens the unity of the Church, also called the Body of Christ.
Families preparing for first communion are strongly encouraged to take an active part in the 8.30 am Mass on the first Sunday of each month which is particularly geared towards the needs of children.  On other Sundays both morning Masses at St Paul’s have a children’s liturgy of the word.  This regular participation in Sunday Mass before and during the preparation by both parents and candidates is an important part of the process.
First Communion

Parents’ preparation

Being very aware how difficult it can be to pass on faith, the parent groups have been organised to think about this issue.  There are 8 sessions, 6 of which are in small groups and 2 are all together. Each small group will need to meet in somebody’s home and will begin with some form of meal. You might wish to consider using your home to host such a group. We hope that each member of the group will bring some food to share. To be a host you will need a television and video/DVD player as each session has video/DVD input which is followed by a discussion. Please give serious consideration to hosting a group in your own home before coming to the initial meeting.

Children’s preparation

The children will have a series of sessions in a block in weekly small groups in people’s homes after parents have completed the first part of the process. The details of these small groups will be discussed at our initial meeting.


The First Communion Masses themselves will happen at one of our Sunday Masses after the completion of the whole preparation process—about six candidates at a time.  This will ideally take place at your usual Mass, on Sunday at St Paul’s or on a Saturday evening at Staplefield.  The specific date and time will be discussed at either the opening or plenary session.
I look forward to seeing you at our initial meeting and thank you for all that you have done so far to prepare your child for this important step in their life-long journey of faith.


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