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Preparing for a Funeral


When somebody dies there are a number of ways in which this person’s passing may be marked.  The important element is always that this funeral is the right funeral for this person and their family.

All funerals are individually arranged by a Funeral Director in conjunction with the parish.

Cross and flowers

A Funeral Mass

Most Catholic families expect that when a member of their family dies that there would be a Funeral Mass in the church.  Normally this would be the Mass on that day in the parish. If it is not possible to hold a funeral at the normal time of our daily Mass we would change the time of that Mass to accommodate the funeral.  

Members of the family are invited to choose passages of scripture that will be read and to choose music. Sometimes they would also want to do the readings themselves or have close friends to read them. If this is not wanted we can always find members of the parish who are willing to read.  Sometimes people like to have someone say some words of remembrance or to include a piece of poetry or writing.  This is always possible but not an essential ingredient.  Every funeral is specially arranged and an individual event.

After the Funeral Mass we can proceed either to a cemetery or a crematorium where a brief committal takes place. Sometimes the committal may be led by a Deacon rather than a Priest.

A Funeral Service

This can take place either at the church or in a crematorium chapel or even at a graveside.  Similarly to the Funeral Mass, members of the family or friends can choose and read passages of scripture, say words of remembrance and choose music. The timing of such a service is arranged between the family, the Funeral Director and the Parish.  Sometimes a Funeral Service may be led by a Deacon rather than the Priest.

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