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St. Paul's Hunger Campaign


The St. Paul's Hunger Campaign is primarily supported by the funds generated by the Parish Hunger Campaign Club for the Third World. It supports projects determined by the Management Committee of the Hunger Campaign Membership. Separate donations to the fund are eligible for Gift Aid.

The Club is open to all parishioners, their relatives, friends and friends of the parish. Each member is allocated a membership number which is entered into a monthly draw. Subscriptions are due on the 1st of the month by a £5 payment for one entry per month. Extra subscriptions are welcome.

A Prize Draw of £50 takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month at St Paul's Church and the result is published in the Parish Bulletin. Expenses. advertising, foreign exchange charges, upkeep of bank account, charges for stationery, printing and postage will be deducted from the overall fund. The remainder will be used by the Management Committee in accordance with the fund’s objectives.

St Paul's Hunger Campaign

The Hunger Campaign Committee undertakes to give an annual update on the campaign’s activities for the previous year. There will also be regular updating on the details of the Campaign’s beneficiaries on the Hunger Campaign Notice Board at the back of the church which is now initiated. Keep an eye out for these. Short Campaign summaries will also appear in the Parish Bulletin from time to time.

History of the Campaign

The Campaign was launched on Passion Sunday, 1975. The first project was to provide life saving water to a poverty stricken village in Tanzania. This cost £905 and the target was reached in 20 weeks.

From 1975 the records show that the Campaign then went onto to support Third World causes worldwide. Projects featuring in that list over the last 35 years include the sinking of wells, the provision of water supplies, care of the needy, provision of a milk kitchen, support for those with learning difficulties, the provision of food and Christmas dinners, the building of a dispensary, the provision of a home for the dying, the building of a water reservoir and much more.

Hunger Campaign
Many of the parishioners and former priests of the parish who began and sustained the Campaign are still with us. Some, inevitably, have moved on and others are now deceased. The records of the Campaign demonstrate a sterling effort during all the years with an emphasis firmly on raising funds and distributing these quickly and efficiently to appropriate Third World projects whilst keeping administrative expenses to an absolute minimum.

The previous Committee raised and distributed over £80,000 which is a very great feat. The current Committee took over in October 2007 and carried on the good work of the outgoing Committee whilst undertaking a needful, thorough review of the Campaign’s workings in collaboration with Peter Burholt, David Goodge and Father Martin. With the passage of time certain procedures needed to be updated and the workings of the Committee brought into line with current legal and administrative requirements. These changes were agreed and put in place and the new Committee set about the central work of distributing funds whilst seeking to increase the number of subscribers.

Current Subscriptions and Beneficiaries

Following a successful weekend of advertising in 2008, the Campaign now has 60 subscriptions and supports a total of 7 projects in the Third World. Since 2007 a total of £7000 has been raised and distributed to projects in Africa, South America and India. A fuller run down of these will be found on the notice board at the back of church when this is completed.

Our latest project is to assist a priest in India with the building of a mini hospital/dispensary. His ill parishioners have to travel for 4 hours to reach a hospital and parishioners there have died whilst undertaking such a journey. Other amounts distributed since Oct 2007 are: £1500 to Fr R. in Africa. £1000 to Fr D. in South America, £1000 to Fr D’S. in India, £1000 to Sr F. in Africa, £1500 to Fr V. in India, £500 to Fr L. in Africa and £500 to Fr B. in India.

Anyone requiring further details of these projects, please contact the Campaign Secretary. Donations to our Hunger Campaign are most welcome and these are eligible for Gift Aid.

Click here to see the Project's newsletter.



If you are a subscriber, we thank you very much for your very kind financial assistance. If you are not a subscriber then please consider joining. Please contact the Parish Office. You could be the next £50 prize winner! Most importantly, please remember us all and all of those in the Third World in your prayers.

Chairman: Dave Turner
Secretary: Ann Aird
Treasurer: Pat Wilks
Committee Members: Teresa Done, Mike Heath, Lucy Morrissey.

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