St Paul Parish of St. Paul  

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St Paul's Church, Haywards Heath

  Sunday Mass: 8.30, 10.30 am and 5.00 pm
Holyday Mass: 7.00, 11.00 am
Tuesday - Friday Mass (except 1st Wednesday of each month): 9.30 am
Monday and Saturday Morning Prayer: 9.30 am
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday 10.30 am or by appointment
St Pauls church

Our Lady of Fatima, Staplefield

  First Mass for Sunday: Saturday 5.00 pm
Holyday Mass: 7.00 pm

St. Stephen's Church, Horsted Keynes

  Mass on the first Wednesday of each month: 10.00 am

St. Raphael's Chapel, Danehill

  Sunday Mass: 10.00 am
Funeral Masses will normally be arranged on a weekday morning and the morning Mass will move accordingly.

Mass Coordinators

St. Paul's Sunday 8.30 am
Kay Gallagher 01444 459126
Christine Leppard 01444 453865
St. Paul's Sunday 10.30 am
Pat Wilks 01444 412741
St. Paul's Sunday 5.00 pm
Ann Herbert 01444 455979
Our Lady of Fatima Saturday 5.00 pm and St. Stephen's
Fr. Martin 01444 450139
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